Metal Polish

This product is the world-famous winner of international awards. For all metal surface types. It provides a brillant high gloss finish. This cleaning and conditioning product removes dirt and surface rust in a single treatment while leaving a protective coating.

Motorbike Polish and Wax

Emulsion for cleaning and care of stressed and aged painted surfaces. Fine abrasive components provide a gentle cleaning action to give a brillant shine. The hard wax film contains polymers & silicones to protect against environmental pollution. With a pleasant orange fragrance.

Nano Metal Polish & Protection Kit

Autosol® Nano Metal Polish gently and thoroughly cleans material. Selected high-performance polishing body prepare the surface for sealing with Autosol® Nano metal protection. The synthetic waxes and nano components seal the surface with a thin protective layer and impart increased resistance to environmental influences.

Marble and Granite Polish

Extends the lifetime and new appearance of your valuble marble/Granite surface, Brings back the natura beauty of the stone, Care emulsion with natural Carnauba-Wax, Easy-to-you Polish Enhances and protects the gloss of a polished surface, Restores deep color and structure, Reduces the penetration of water and dirt, Easier-next-time-cleaning

Stainless Steel Polish 75GMS

Especially formulated for cleaning and polishing stainless steel. Designed to shine polished stainless steel to an extremely high lustre without scratching.

Plastic Cleaner 75GMS

10 times concentrated Cleaner for all plastic surfaces. The product prevents against brittleness and greying. Refreshes older surfaces with new shine.

Scratch Remover

AUTOSOL® Scratch Remover effectively removes scratches and defects from paintwork. The especially developed matrix of polishing particles guarantiee optimised scratch removal and the high quality components delivers a hand polishing process of perfection. Also suitable to repair marks left from insects and bird droppings.